Inside the World of International Recording Artist Passion Perfected

Reviewers and audiences everywhere are buzzing about Passion Perfected's provocative style of Contemporary R&B/Soul and his growing selection of hot club sounds.  He satisfies his growing international fan base with a captivating blend of slick dance beats, lush arrangements, smooth vocals and evocative lyrics. With songs ranging from edgy to  sweaty, sensual and cool to old school, Passion Perfected has something for you! 

My Music is very personal...

"Music is a Force like electricity, but more powerful!  Electricity can be channeled, but only Music has the power to span decades, even centuries, moving listeners to cheer or to cry, even compelling whole audiences to join in singing songs written generations before. Only Music can preserve and transport the actual feelings and energy from a songwriter's heart to yours, so that you are moved, motivated and invigorated, exactly as the artist intended, even long after they have passed away.

I create Music to touch you - individually and personally - whenever you hear it."

I touch you with my Music, so you will never be alone...

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