Passion for the Man & his Music

"The tone of “R U Feelin’ Me” is one of class, cool, groove, and soulfulness. It is also a spacious, mellow record with passionate themes... Jazz beats and some top notch sing on the part of Passion Perfected, himself, make this album one no fan of old school soul should miss."  Smash-Music! AUG 2013

Fans love the personal way Passion Perfected relates to them: “Passion...makes you feel like you’re the only one there – even in a crowded room!"

"His obvious nods to the feminine mystique are plain to hear and feel in his unique, jazzy sound. His official bio comments on this candidly. “It is a sincere expression of his high regard for all women,” it reads, “deriving from the respect he continues to have for his own remarkable mother and late grandmother.”,AUG 14 2013

Lissa Ripsom of Passion Perfected Music Studios, enthusiastically endorsed the intimate quality of her partner's songs. "As a longtime friend and dedicated fan of Passion Perfected, I am very proud to have coproduced this EP. The time has come for the whole world to enjoy the sensory fulfillment of music that creates a warm, intimate and – dare I say – erotic environment for sharing. This is music with which to preserve your most treasured memories of love!"  in Sonic Smash-Music!

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