A tribute to my father, Morris Jerome Morton
My pops was a remarkable jazz trumpeter.  

His inspired 4 of my brothers to form a band that packed clubs all over New York with screaming fans  They were livin' the life while they were still in high school!  After a few years, they all moved on to other pursuits, but Pop's firm hand gave me the discipline to stick with music.

I'm not saying it was a smooth ride then - or now!   Look past the fans and perks, and Music is one grueling business, so Pop drove me pretty hard!

I used to hate the way he made me sit up straight on that hard piano bench while I practiced every day after school ,  My legs were so short when he started working with me, my feet didn't even reach the pedals. They just dangled!  And when anybody opened the front door, I could hear all my boys out playin' ball and havin' a great time!

Well, Pop, now I'm glad you were so tough.  Today, thanks to you, I'm the guy out playin' - at concerts, on the radio and on iPhones all over the WORLD!  So this song's for you...

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