Passion Perfected Speaks to Women

"Anything that is worth something is worth waiting for. It is through our waiting that true appreciation comes. This is why a woman will make a man wait. She wants to be appreciated.  Anything that comes easy is rarely worth the time spent in the process. We don't value what comes easy because we haven't invested enough time in the effort to develop a true appreciation for the reward. 
In practicing since childhood and performing in genres from Latin Jazz, to Blues, to R&B, Rock and Reggae,  I have developed my personal passion for music and my appreciation of those for whom I create it. Having perfected my art, I come here to share my passion where I can be, and am, intimately yours. Allow me to penetrate you musically and bring you to the place where only good music can. Let it all go, let it all flow...
Today, I perform for your pleasure.  Here I celebrate you, above all Women.   If we have not yet met, I still reach for you, as your soul mate, until we do.  You will know when you hear me, I am yours."
Passion Perfected

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